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"Broken Jaw" Limited Edition Giclee to be released September 10th

“Broken Jaw” first premiered at Nikko’s 2013 Renati art show. Now, for the first time we are offering this beautiful painting as a limited edition giclee print - but only for 72-hours. Starting September 10th at 11am PDT the “Broken Jaw” prints will be available for just 72-hours. Every print is printed on vibrant 100# archival paper. At 24” x 18” this piece will be a great addition to any collection. To make the giclee even more special - every print will be signed and hand numbered by Nikko. So remember - you must purchase your giclee between September 10th at 11am PDT and before September 13th at 11am PDT. Once the 72-Hour sale is over this print will never be...

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