Tour Dates


The International London Tattoo Convention
London, UK
September 23rd-25th, 2016

Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival
Sydney, Australia
October 14th-16th, 2016

Bay Area Convention
San Francisco, CA
October 21st-23rd, 2016

Viva La Tinta Convention
Guadalajara, Mexico
November 4th-5th, 2016


Empire State Tattoo Expo
New York, NY
July 15th-17th, 2016

Art Gathering LA
Long Beach, CA
June 3rd-5th, 2016

Musink Convention 
Costa Mesa, California
March 4-5, 2016

Golden State Convention
Pasadena, California
January 29-31, 2016

Viva La Tinta Convention
Guadalajara, Mexico
November 13th-15th, 2015

Worldwide Tattoo Conference
Portland, OR
October 19th-21st, 2015

International London Convention
London, UK
September 25th-27th, 2015

Stockholm Ink Bash
Stockholm, Sweden
August 28th-30th, 2015

Ink-n-Iron Nashville
Nashville, TN
August 6th-9th, 2015

Empire State Tattoo Expo
New York, NY

July 10th-12th, 2015

Long Beach, CA

June 12th-14th, 2015

Athens Tattoo Convention
Athens, Greece

May 15th-17th, 2015

Musink Tattoo Fest
Costa Mesa, CA

March 20th-22nd, 2015

Rites of Passage
Melbourne, Australia

April 24th-26th, 2015

Mondial Tatouage
Paris, France
March 6th-8th, 2015

Worldwide Tattoo Conference
Venice, Italy
November 10th-12th, 2014

Tokyo Tattoo Convention
Tokyo, Japan
October 10th-12th, 2014

International London Tattoo Convention
London, UK
September 26th - 28th, 2014

Steel City Convention
Pittsburg, PA, United States
September 19th - 21st, 2014

Stockholm Ink Bash
Stockholm, Sweden
August 29th - 31st, 2014

Festival Tatouage de Chaudes-Aigues
Chaudes-Aigues, France
July 4th - 6th, 2014

Ink-n-Iron Festival
Long Beach, CA, United States
June 6th - 8th, 2014

Melbourne Rites of Passage
Melbourne, Australia
April 25th - 27th, 2014

Orange County, California, United States
March 21st - 23rd, 2014

Best of the Midwest Convention
Counsil Bluffs, Iowa, United States
February 7th - 9th, 2014

Philadelphia Tattoo Art Convention
Philadelphia, PA, United States
January 31st - February 2nd 2014

UK Convention
London, UK
January 15th -17th, 2014

Tattoo Expo Zwickau
January 11th -12th, 2014