Black Anchor Academy - July 9, 10 and 11 at Black Anchor Collective

Black Anchor Artists Nikko Hurtado, Carlos Rojas, Jamie Schene, Aric Taylor, Mat Hurtado, and Ben Ochoa invite you to take part in a very special 3-day comprehensive workshop taking place at Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California on July 9th, 10th, and 11th.

Only 15 spots will be available for purchase as this event is designed to be an intimate setting. Over three days Nikko, Carlos, Jamie, Aric, Mat, and Ben will teach seminars on a variety of subjects designed to improve your skills in color theory, tattoo techniques, photography, painting, and promotion. After the seminars every student will have an opportunity to put their skills to work as they tattoo hands-on with all of the Black Anchor artists.

You must currently know how to tattoo in order to participate in this class. This seminar is intended for artists who have been tattooing for a few years and now want to make the move to creating realistic color portraits, become familiar with oil painting techniques, gaining an understanding of color theory, better understand how to do cover-ups, and tips on how to promote yourself on social media with photography skills and marketing.

Each participant will be supplied with ALL of the tools they need to create their own realistic color tattoo under the guidance of Nikko. This will also be a great opportunity to try products from our sponsors Bishop Tattoo SupplyFusion Tattoo Ink, Inkeeze, Stencil Anchored, Trekell Art Supplies, Critical Power Supply and A Pound of Flesh

In addition to securing your seat in the seminar, each ticket will also include: A Pound of Flesh Arm, use of Bishop Rotary sponsored equipment and Fusion inks with an option to buy at a great discount, Trekell Art Supplies, 2 meals a day, snacks, beverages, and tons of awesome giveaways.

Black Anchor Academy Curriculum

Color Theory Seminar by Nikko Hurtado

Tattoo master Nikko Hurtado will go in great depths to teach you color theory and help you become familiar with tones, values, and balances. You will use Fusion tattoo inks to get hands on experience with mixing colors to get the exact match you are looking for in your color tattoo work.

Introduction to Tattoo Photography Seminar by Aric Taylor 

Aric will walk you through the techniques he uses to reduce skin trauma through the use of rotary machines. The reduction in trauma to the skin will later help you take great photographs of your work for promotion. Aric will tell you what kind of equipment , lighting, and techniques he uses on his camera to capture amazing pictures of fresh and healed work. 

Color Portraits Seminar by Carlos Rojas

Carlos will discuss the tricks and techniques he uses to create hyper realistic color portraits. He will go through his process step-by-step from selecting reference, to choosing your color palette and executing a precise and perfect portrait on the skin.

Overcoming the Challenges of Tattoo Coverups Seminar by Jamie Schene

Jamie will discuss in great detail the aspects of cover-ups. After dissecting each aspect you will also discuss common challenges and explore solutions together as a group and see many of the step-by-step techniques Jamie has used on some of the most beautiful cover-up pieces. 

Introduction to Oil Painting Workshop by Mat Hurtado 

Mat will host the first day of the workshop to work on oil painting techniques. Getting familiar with oils, brushes, and canvases. Trekell Art Supplies will supply panels, brushes, and paints and you work along side Mat to create a miniature realistic oil painting which you can take home with you. 

Essentials to Creating a Professional Tattoo Career Seminar by Ben Ochoa

The newest member to the Black Anchor Collective will walk you along the road he has taken to get where he is today. You will hear the familiar struggles that most tattoo artists endure throughout their career and what Ben did to overcome those obstacles and still chase his dream of becoming a professional tattoo artists. Along with positive thinking and setting goals, Ben will also talk about the importance of your portfolio, attending conventions, networking and promotion. 

Color Portrait Tattoo Workshop with Nikko, Carlos, Jamie, Aric, Mat, and Ben

Each student will get to tattoo their own Pound of Flesh forearm under the guidance of all of the Black Anchor Academy instructors. You will apply all of the knowledge you gained the previous days to creating your own detailed color portrait tattoo. Each student will get one-on-one time with each of the instructors and will be able to utilize the latest equipment in the industry to execute the project.


Tickets can be purchased for $2,000 on Nikko’s website BUY NOW starting Tuesday, June 14th at 10am PST.

Upon confirmation of your purchase you will receive details regarding transportation and local hotels in the Hesperia area.

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